5 Fashionable Items and Apparels to Match Your Plus size Jeans

Being on the plus size category doesn’t mean you need to be boring and plain. In fact, you can have a number of accessories and fashion items to complement your plus size jeans. A matter of mixing and matching your outfits can bring out the fashion guru in you.

So look out for these items and start upgrading your closet

  1. Statement tees

Statement tees are great for making a statement. If you are into casual and laid back clothing, this can be great addition to your clothing. You can buy several graphic tees to match your plus size jeans and skirts. This combo is great on simple and casual friends’ get-together or an afternoon stroll on the city for shopping and coffee. You can also partner this with a great pair of earring and a chic ponytail and you are all set.


  1. Hip button-down shirt

A lot of plus size women shy away from wearing button down shirt cause it might look unflattering on their frame. But that is an old belief. Anyone can wear a button down shirt. Just be sure to get the right size for your body frame and spice up the look by pairing it with your jeans. You can either tuck it in or just leave it be. This outfit is also perfect for a laid back adventure in the city or if you are just simple meeting your friends for a chit-chat.


  1. Classic blazers

If you are going for something a little bit formal but not to prim and proper, then the blazer and jeans combo might be the one you are looking for. This kind of get up can set a professional vibe in a fun way. This can be a perfect ensemble for everyday office attire or if you have a business/coffee meeting outside your office. You can simply take off the blazer and you have your laid back outfit for a casual dinner with your friends. Pair with simple pieces of jewelry and a slick hair style. Online plus size stores also offers great blazers and other outfits to match your jeans.



  1. Stylish cardigans

Cardigans are a must-have especially during cold season, but is also a great year-round apparel. If you are not too comfortable showing some skin, then a cardigan is great way to cover up your arms. You can have a long or a three-quarter variety so you can have options to match your tees and your sleeveless shirts.