Disadvantages of different pools

There are different types of pool material available and fiberglass is just one of them. If you compare fiberglass pools with vinyl and concrete ones, you will find them to be much more fitting and worthy of cost but does that mean that their advantages out weight its disadvantages? Let’s take a look.


Fiberglass pools are initially expensive considering their cost of installation and all other things as compared to other ones. But swimming pool contractors in Abu Dhabi says that fiber pools will be helpful in the long run considering all other charges and costs that you will be spending on other types of pool after being installed – most of which will be gone in cleaning and maintaining.


For those people who love to keep their houses organized and customized in a neutral contrast and pattern will be a bit disappointed by the fact that fiberglass cannot be customized. The usual average size is available in the market but you can still decorate the surroundings of your pool with the help of landscape design Dubai which adds a new charm to the place.

Though, customized pools shouldn’t be a big problem as many people find their needs fulfilled through a fiberglass pool until they are aiming for something deeper than 10 feet or fancy detailing which can be achieved through concrete or vinyl pools.


Keeping the fiberglass pools aside for a minute, and focusing on the concrete and vinyl, you will notice that maintenance is a high priority of these fancy pools. If pool cleaning is not focused and not maintained every week in concrete pools then it will become a home for algae which will create a lot of problems to get cleaned.

There are different types of chemicals used in the pools to keep them clean and concrete pools require special kinds of it to make sure that the pH levels in pool is maintained.

Leaving all these facts aside, pool themselves – irrespective of their type – in general are very expensive to own and maintain considering the amount that it requires not only for cleaning, but refurnishing, electricity and other things combined together. But once you have made up your mind, it will be a treat for the adults and kids combined.