Dubai and its deserts

For the amusement of balloon adventures Dubai is none other than the best place to feel the heart beat going up and down. Experiencing a hot air balloon, any birthday party venue in Dubai can be organized in a desert with a beautiful white and deep red stage. Talking about desert, there is a variety of deserts in Dubai which help people create best moments and memories of their journey. You can add Dubai in your best destinations, where you will find record architecture, adventure parks, and countless centers and restaurants–but not so much of the nature of the UAE. If you have a more outdoor style, don’t worry, in between the months of October to February, the weather is just fine and there are many ways to stay busy camping or exploring the UAE Deserts.

The famous desert known as Al Qudra happens to be not more than an hour away from the capital. To put it simple, it is considered amongst the best camping sites among residents, amongst the closest deserts to the Dubai Emirate. Ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway or a camping trip along its countless lakes, it’s as close to feel at home and as far away as the stars in the sky! Make sure you go out with a first aid kit, but don’t worry, because you’re near enough to the area, you’re still getting a cellular network.

Another famous desert known as Sweihan is an amazing place to go on an off-road adventure, situated between Dubai and the emirate known as Abu Dhabi. Off-road enthusiasts or explorers with hot-air balloon plan themselves and go out, but call them before they think about taking a flight.

A trekking destination for everyone is considered amongst the highest mountains found within the UAE. This destination is located right along the United Arab Emirates and the border of Oman. Residents and visitors can have a perfect day out with daily marathons from the bottom to the top of the beautiful mountain. Getting to the top is just as exciting and relaxing as the trip away from the noise of the area, and it’s also an amazing place to sleep in the night.

All in all, Dubai has a lot to offer to those who are interested in experiencing its desert landscape. There are multiple options for you to choose from in terms of which desert you wish to visit. The best part is that you can also opt for desert safari trips to have the adventure of a lifetime.