Kinds of transportation available these days

There are different kinds of transport are available in the world. All have different usage and importance. Some vehicle has engine and some vehicle do not have an engine. They are pulled by animals or by human power. Have you seen any of these on the roads? These may be a horse carriage, a bullock cart, a handcart. There are three ways to use transport.

Air Transport

Traveling by air is the fastest way to go anywhere. Airplanes can fly over the sea and high mountains. They can transport hundreds of people over long distances in the shortest time. The largest airplane today is the Airbus A380: it carry a full load of 655 passengers. For traveling short distance by air is the helicopter. It is most useful for short distance traveling. Helicopter can land anywhere, in on the buildings and playing fields.

Land Transport

Train is the vehicle which travel along the ground. It also carries hundreds of people in one time. Many countries like Japan, USA etc. are getting most of the benefits of this transport. People of these countries are daily travel for office and home. In many countries there is no good infrastructure of train so, over there buses are the preferred vehicle for public transport because it is inexpensive than taxi. People use it for their movement from one place to another. Some people prefer cars like taxi or their own one. It is little bit more expensive than the train and bus. Some people love luxury cars so they always want to make their cars fit. They can find some car service in Abu Dhabi for their cars. Some experts offer particular car services like Rolls Royce service centre.

Sea Transport

About three quarter of the earth is covered in water. Many people travel through sea. There are many kinds of boats. A ferry, carries people and goods from one bank of a river to the opposite bank. Sea ships are used to carry huge loads of goods like grain, wood, machinery etc. Ships that carry oil are called tankers; they are huge in physic and carry thousands of barrels of oil in one time. Goods that are parked at containers are transported in container ships. Boats are also used for sports and adventure. A speed boat moves very fast over the water. Fishermen also use boats to go fishing.