Facts About Hospitals

Hospitals are the place where we go when we get sick and there are even hospitals for people who are having mental issues. Hospitals are made for serving the humans but hospitals have now become a business, as you know that the current era has the coronavirus pandemic and hospitals are making sure to cash in as much money as they can. But there are hospitals that charge less and they really want to serve the humanity in different ways. But just like everything less in this world that is based on different facts, so does the hospitals has some amazing facts of its own, following are the different facts about best hospitals in Dubai and best urologist in Dubai;

  1. Did you know that there are different hospitals that have alcohol that is actually served to the patients? Yes, you heard that right and it is a fact and one pretty fact. You must be wondering that why do they do this, well, there are some patients who really need something to stay the way they are at their homes and if they don’t get things like they do in their home, then they get irritated and they simply want to leave for home without worry about their health. You must be wondering that this act must be illegal but the fact is that it is completely legal but in some hospitals only.
  2. Did you know that now clowns are not allowed in the hospitals? Yes, this is another fun fact because there are different kids who are afraid of clowns and all the credit goes to those movies where a clown is a bad person and scares the kids. And since 1940 the United States have banned clowns as different kids got afraid but the best part is that some adults also have the phobia of clowns.
  3. You thought that we were joking about the alcohol part, but there are a lot of hospitals in Germany where they give beer or wine to their patients so that they sleep soundly and this trend started when the soldiers were given wine and beer as a sedative to sleep as nothing could ease their pain and so that they could feel less pain while fixing the soldiers up.