Gender Selection – A miracle of science

Everybody has plans of a perfect married life. A wonderful husband and wife and their perfect children. Every single person out there wants to have an ideal number of boys and girls. But, sometimes, life has different plans for you. You might want a boy, but would bear a girl. Similar is the case with girls; you would want a pretty princess, but life would gift you with a prince. At times, you have to fight with nature for what you want.

Methods for gender selection:

There are many methods, natural and scientific, which might influence the gender of the baby. The natural gender selection methods are more myths than facts. These include Chinese calendar, special diets and other things. These might increase the probability of the required gender, but the following scientific methods are tested for successful results:

Method 1:

Microsort– This is a simple gender selection method based on the difference in the densities of X and Y sperms. During this, the semen of the male member is allowed to rotate in a centrifuge. This separates the denser Y from the X. The X rotates on the outside of the test tube and why remains inside. Once these are separated, the sperm related to the desired gender can be extracted and used for fertilization. This has a success rate of 70% to 80%; but is quite expensive in terms of gender selection cost in Dubai.

Method 2:

Ericsson method– This is also a laboratory procedure with a success rate of 70 to 80%. Dr.  Ericsson based his research on the work of Dr. Shettles. According to this, the semen is put into a water solution. Due to the difference in speed of both chromosomes, they get separated. The desired ones are used, while the remaining are dispensed accordingly.

Method 3:

Pre-implementation genetic diagnosis – This is the most risky and expensive gender selection technique in the market. In this procedure, zygotes are allowed to fertilize with different sperms, after which, a small part is taken off to test for the type of chromosome pair. The embryo of the desired gender is implanted in the mother to develop. If you read more about this, you will find out that the probability of survival of such embryos, within a female body, is extremely low.