How can infertility occur and infertility treatment

Imagine if you are a happy couple who just decided to have their first child. Then you start trying to have a baby over and over again. Every single attempt that you make goes to waste. Nothing ever comes out of it and you do not succeed. What should you do? The only option that you have is to seek infertility treatment. Here is some insight to the information about infertility treatment.

Some basics about infertility treatment


First of all, infertility is a problem where a woman cannot conceive approximately for one year. Both males and females can cause this common problem and male infertility and ivf clinics in dubai is also very common. Woman over thirty-five years old are less likely to conceive a child and can have some problems to get pregnant. Also, she has an increased chance to have a miscarriage. When man and a woman suspect they are infertile, they should go to a doctor. Some questions will be asked, and physical exam and certain test have to be done in order to start an infertility treatment.


Different types of infertility treatment


Depending of what the verdict from the doctor is, there are different approaches to the problem and therefore there are different types of infertility treatment. It is important to say that it cannot be guaranteed that the baby will be healthy even if you get pregnant. Woman can have some troubles ovulating. In that case one of several medicines would be in order. If the doctor cannot find the cause of the problem, hormone injections or insemination is recommended. Surgery is the solution if the fallopian tube is blocked. Fallopian tube is where ovulation happens, by the way. Endometriosis is the condition which demands other type of surgery which is called laparoscopic surgery. The option for a man is to try insemination. The healthy number of sperm count is more numerous than before. If all of this does not work you have some other options too for male infertility treatment. You have to decide if you want to use assisted reproductive technology. In vitro fertilization, for instance, is the procedure where sperm and semen are allowed to meet outside the woman’s body. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is the technique where a doctor injects sperm in the egg, and if that works out, embryo is put in female’s uterus.

That covers the basic things you should know about infertility treatment. Hopefully, you will not need it anyways.