Things your gynaecologist wants you to know

One thing which we want you to know about your gynaecology trips would be that expect nothing but the truth. This is the best they have to offer and honesty should be the best thing which you can offer for your own benefit. And while the conversations may not have a filter, there are still some things which the best female gynecologist in Dubai would want you to know without spelling it out for you. Keep on reading to find out which things they are:

  • They don’t care about your grooming habits

You don’t have to all dress up for your gynaecology appointment just because they will be examining your area down there. They don’t care about the smoothness of legs or even bikini line because this is not something which concerns them. They are just there for the business and not to judge you.

  • Skip the feminine hygiene products

There is a huge list of feminine hygiene products available out there which most of the women are inclined to using. From vaginal wipes to sprays and gels, there are so many things available but it is because of these unusual products that you are getting vaginal problems. Vagina has its own way of cleaning itself which is why you must not interrupt in its business.

  • Not every itch and discharge means infection

Yeast infection is probably one of the worst things anyone can go through but just a small discharge or itch doesn’t have to necessarily indicate about the infection. Most of the time it is simply due to skin irritation and some sort of STD which can be treated. Yes it is still very necessary to get it checked and diagnosed to make sure it isn’t turning into something serious and more dangerous than just a yeast infection.

  • Be open and honest

Gynaecologists have heard and seen it all which means that they are not shy or embarrassed to speak about different things and this also means that they are capable of catching your lie or stalling. Just be open and honest with them and get rid of all the filters to actually use their skill to the fullest potential. This is extremely rare that you ask them something they don’t know about, so just go ahead with it.

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